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Short story comics,comic strips, and images, by Daniel B. Willingham

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Last updated: Tuesday , February 17 , 2015


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Hello there anyone still checking this site. So, The Book of Armless Theo ended a while ago. I have been rather busy with drawing stuff, just not anything for this site or the equivalent DeviantArt account. But I am working on a short comic with the Head Doctor/Dr. Therapy and Merv. Remember those guys? Yeah, it's a fun little comic I already have sketched out. I was waiting to finish a few pages before posting any of it. Not sure when that will be. I have a sort of important anthology comic to finish on a deadline, and the cover image for that anthology. It's an anthology comic for those who enjoy the theme of female weight gain. You know, for sexual purposes. Yup, because "it takes all kinds..." as they say. 2/2/13

Demitopia Issue 1 Demitopia issue 1 is now available for purchase as an ebook. Woo!

Itís a 25 page comic. Contains some nudity and talk of sex, but otherwise this one is pretty tame.

Sample pages on my tumblr (the rest of my tumblr blog has some very not-safe-for-work comics and stuff on it, just so you know).

1/6/2013: Oh, yeah. Happy New Year. Have some more Theo, why not?

12/15/12: I had to change the text in the last panel of the last page of Armless Theo. It never seemed to fit just right with the rest of her beliefs, and it was making writing the next page very difficult. I'm not sure when the next page will be up. I may attempt to finish several pages before updating again. we'll see how that goes. At this point, I just want to get this story over and done with, so I don't have to think about it anymore.

11/14/2012:Hi there, I have not given up on Theo. But it has become difficult to work on. I've learned that I need to keep my comics short, so I don't lose interest.

Official Spacegirl Issue 1 Official Spacegirl Issue 2 Official Spacegirl Issue 3

This is another comic series I was working on. Official Space Girl, with three issues finished so far. It's a fun science fiction universe with the usual space travel, advanced technology, and a few alien species. It also contains some nudity, explicit sex, and fat girls who eat a lot and gain weight. So it's obviously not for everyone. If you're not into that sort of thing, that's OK. Some people like it though, and that's who it's for.

I'm currently working on and very nearly finished with a comic I started a few years ago. It is also science fictiony.

I am trying to decide if I should start a new website, or just redesign this one.

1/5/12:It's another new year. I've been busy drawing mostly chubby ladies. A happy dancing girl again A happy dancing girl Cute chubby snowlady Wild Berry Princess Doings! She's tough A nicer looking swamp monster, who's still dangerous A Swamp Monster

9/28/11: There, I managed to get a second update within the month, though just barely.

9/3/11: I guess two months is too long between updates. Maybe I can make up for it with two updates this month. That would be something, huh?

6/17/2011: New-ish series of images for the art gallery: Helix the Game Girl and Spikes Helix the Game Girl Eats a Cherry Helix the Game Girl and Enemies Helix the Game Girl Gets a Goin Helix the Game Girl Finds a Key Helix the Game Girl and the Boss


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